Drawing Work


Drawing Work
An international exhibition of drawings about the experience of work

This exhibition of drawings by 17 artists is an eclectic collection of images on paper focusing on the diverse experiences of work. Many photographers have shown people working in extraordinary places, from Brazilian mines to garment workers in the Far East. But few artists have shown a more intimate side to the experience of work, in more subtle mediums such as pencil, chalk, charcoal or ink on paper. Instead of dramatic scenes shot from the ‘outside’, these drawings are more about what happens ‘inside’- showing some of the more private experiences rarely talked about in the workplace.

Both paid and unpaid work are shown in these diverse drawings, raising questions about why we work and who we work for. Themes include boredom at work, childcare, domestic or unpaid labour, conflict at work, joblessness and not being allowed to work. There are even a few fantasy jobs, including idyllic scenes of angelic children being taught by gentle female teachers. This is a rare opportunity to see drawings about work by Turkish, French, Czech, Indian, Dutch, Indonesian, British, Turkish Cypriot and Curaçao-born artists in an exciting, publicly funded location.

Invited artists:   David Bade,  Vivien Blackett ,  Adip Dutta, Engin Hassan,   Maartje Hinse,  Melanie Jackson,  Marleen Kappe,  Jan Knap,   Evelyn Lang,  Peter McDonald ,  Henk Olijve,  Serge Onnen, Fahrettin Orenli,  Michael Pattiruhu,  Paolo Piscitelli,  Siobhan Wall , Carla Wright

Curated by Siobhan Wall

Opening exhibition: 25th of February 2016 at 5 pm
The exhibition runs from 26th February to 24th March 2016


CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
t. +31 20 – 25 25 401

CBK Zuidoost is open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 5pm, with late opening on Thursday to 8pmSaturday 10am to 5pm , closed Sunday

Noot voor de redactie: voor meer informatie en beeldmateriaal van de kunstenaars kunt u contact opnemen met Sharda Balgobind, Sharda.Balgobind@amsterdam.nl, tel: 020 25 25 401.
CBK Zuidoost – www.cbkzuidoost.nl  / Anton de Komplein 120, Amsterdam Zuidoost

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